Great Lengths the Safe Way – Lash Extensions

So your client comes in wanting the longest extensions possible. As a lash tech, how do you accommodate? The first and most important thing to do is to perform a careful assessment of their natural lashes. Two key things to check for are:

Amount of Natural Lashes:  Do their natural lashes seem sparse or plentiful? The amount of natural lashes is an indicative sign of lash health. If they are limited in natural lashes, it is best to be conservative with the length of extensions applied.

Strength of Present Lashes: This assessment is much easier done on regular clients who you have worked on before. How have their lashes held the weight of extensions that you have been applying? Could you potentially add more weight in length while using the same diameter extensions safely with small chance of natural lash shed? New clients are harder to tell, so best to go slightly more conservative than your instincts dictate. For new clients, .12-.15mm lash extensions are the safest way to go. Absolutely nothing heavier than.15mm on the first run.

Flat Lashes as an Alternative

For clients who crave the long lengths but do not have the strongest of natural lashes, flat lashes are a great alternative. The lash extensions are flattened to appear to be heavier but actually weigh less than their traditional counterparts. We’ll post soon about the benefits of flat lashes but typically, a .15mm flat lash extension has the visual appearance of a .20mm traditional round lash extension. Super light, which means you can take your clients to those great lengths safely!

Here’s a before and after set we did recently. She has a plentiful and healthy amount of natural lashes that were strong but straight. We framed with C-curl .20mm lengths 11mm-15mm. After framing 20% of the lashes, we filled in the rest of the lashes with C-curl .15mm extensions lengths 11m-15mm. As a final touch, we mixed in some D-curl .15mm lashes lengths 13mm-15mm. Voila!




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